Unveiling Wealth and Asset Management (WAM): A Technology Deep Dive

Explore Wealth and Asset Management (WAM),

Unveiling Wealth and Asset Management (WAM): A Technology Deep Dive
Unveiling Wealth and Asset Management (WAM): A Technology Deep Dive
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About the course

This session provides a comprehensive exploration of Wealth and Asset Management (WAM), covering its purpose, architecture patterns, and key functionalities. Part 1 introduces WAM and its architecture, delving into wealth management services and asset management roles. Part 2 uncovers core WAM functions such as portfolio management and institutional brokerage platforms. Part 3 discusses modernizing WAM, including mainframe usage and next-gen platform building. Attendees gain valuable insights into WAM's landscape and technological considerations, beneficial for industry professionals and technology providers.

Who should attend

  • Reconciliation Associates working in Investment Banking & Fund Services.
  • Accounting graduates who want to launch their career as a fund accountant.
  • MBA Finance graduates who want to work in Hedge Fund and Private Equity firms.

What you will learn

  • WAM Introduction and Architecture Patterns: Introduce the concept of WAM and explore various architectural patterns used to build WAM platforms.
  • Wealth Management: Relevance and Insights: Delve into the significance of wealth management services and gain insights into current trends and challenges.
  • Asset Management: Relevance and Insights: Understand the role of asset management within WAM and explore its functionalities.
  • WAM Functions Overview: Explore the core functionalities that power WAM platforms, including portfolio management, order management, and reporting.
  • Institutional Brokerage Platform Analysis: Gain insights into the role of institutional brokerage platforms within the WAM ecosystem.
  • Mainframe Usage in WAM Industry: Understand the continued use of mainframes in WAM and the considerations for modernization.
  • Building a Next-Gen WAM Platform: Explore best practices and emerging technologies for building modern WAM platforms.

Additional Considerations

  • Data Monetization in WAM Platforms
  • Robo-Advisors: Functionality and Operation
  • Robo-Advisors Platform Reference Architecture

About the instructor

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