Launching Your Product Control Career

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Product Control
Live classes starts from 6 July.
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About the course

Master Class in Product Control enabling you to Launch and Excel your Investment Banking Product Control career

Launching your Product Control Career offers a comprehensive collection of 8 modules and 4 group coaching calls designed to help you start your Product Control career or launch it to the next level.
The course is delivered on-demand, with two modules released every two weeks, and you have access to the training for 12 months.
For the inaugural launch, we are also hosting group coaching calls every two weeks to discuss the material released earlier. Each course includes instructional videos, exercises, quizzes, and workbooks for further practice.

Live classes starts from 6th July with

Regular Price - $ 149
Early Bird Offer till 24th June - $ 74.95

  • Sat July 6th 2024
    • Getting your first job in Product Control 
    • Accounting for Financial Instruments - IFRS 9 
  • Sat July 20th 2024
    • Fair Value Accounting - IFRS 13
    • Discounting and Market Risk 
  • Sat August 3rd 2024
    • Valuation Adjustments
    • P&L Controls - Part 1
  • Sat August 17th 2024
    • P&L Controls - Part 2
    • Balance Sheet Substantiation

Who should attend

  • University students eager to engage with an applied learning curriculum in the field of Product Control.
  • Aspiring professionals looking to land their first job in Product Control.
  • Current Product Control practitioners with less than 5 years of experience.
  • Auditors, regulators, or operational risk executives seeking a deeper understanding of Product Control to enhance their interactions and challenges.

What you will learn

After finishing this course, you will:

  • Grasp the fundamental role and objectives of Product Control.
  • Navigate the daily responsibilities and challenges of a Product Controller.
  • Implement robust controls over P&L and balance sheets.
  • Accurately classify and measure financial assets and liabilities in alignment with IFRS 9 and 13.
  • Apply the principles of amortized cost, fair value through P&L, and fair value through OCI. Calculate Expected Credit Losses (ECL) with confidence.
  • Understand the accounting nuances for various financial instruments including repos, futures, bonds, and interest rate swaps.
  • Master the fair value hierarchy and correctly categorize financial instruments into levels 1, 2, or 3.
  • Attribute Mark-to-Market (MTM) P&L accurately to its underlying drivers.
  • Estimate MTM P&L using risk and pricing inputs.
  • Craft insightful and meaningful P&L commentaries.
  • Comprehend the drivers behind funding and its sources.
  • Effectively validate trader estimates and secure necessary approvals.
  • Comprehend the importance of balance sheet reconciliations and how to substantiate your balance sheet.

About the instructor

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Peter is a Product Control specialist, CFO, Financial Controller, Author and Founder.
Peter founded FINSED in 2015 to deliver better education to Product Controllers globally. Since then, Peter has trained more than 2,000 finance professionals in Banks and trading firms across Asia, Europe and the Americas.
Peter is an authority on Product Control and maintains regular dialogue with the industry, having lectured with FINSIA and chaired Australia’s Product Control Valuations Forum. He is also the author of the best-selling and only book on Product Control, Effective Product Control, Controlling for Trading Desks (Wiley, 2017).

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