FinTech CTO: Mastering Banking Risk Management

Banking risk management, covering key risks, regulatory frameworks, and data-driven approaches to mitigation

FinTech CTO: Mastering Banking Risk Management
FinTech CTO: Mastering Banking Risk Management
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About the course

This session offers a comprehensive understanding of banking risk management, covering key risks, regulatory frameworks, and data-driven approaches to mitigation. Part 1 introduces banking risk management, Basel III regulations, and credit risk measurement and management practices. Part 2 explores additional risks faced by banks, including market and liquidity risks, and discusses relevant regulatory frameworks. Part 3 delves into data challenges, risk data aggregation and reporting, and the role of data architecture in effective risk management. Attendees will gain valuable insights essential for navigating the complex landscape of banking risk management, crucial for CTOs, risk management professionals, and stakeholders ensuring financial stability.

Who should attend

  • Reconciliation Associates working in Investment Banking & Fund Services.
  • Accounting graduates who want to launch their career as a fund accountant.
  • MBA Finance graduates who want to work in Hedge Fund and Private Equity firms.

What you will learn

  • Welcome and Course Introduction: Begin the session with introductions, a high-level course overview, and a roadmap for the module on Banking Risk Management.
  • An Overview of Banking Risk Management: Introduce the concept of banking risk management and its critical role in financial stability.
  • Financial Risk and Banking Risks Overview: Differentiate between financial risk in general and the specific types of risks faced by banks.
  • Understanding Basel III Regulations : Delve into the Basel III framework, a global standard for capital adequacy and risk management in banks.
  • Comprehending Credit Risk in Banking: Demystify credit risk, the risk of borrowers defaulting on loans.
  • Basic Credit Risk Measurement in Banking : Explore methods for measuring and evaluating credit risk in a banking context.
  • Managing Credit Risk: Industry Practices: Discuss industry best practices for managing credit risk and mitigating potential losses.
  • Exploring Additional Risks Encountered by Banks: Go beyond credit risk and explore other significant risks faced by banks, such as market risk, liquidity risk, and operational risk.
  • Basel 2.5 and FRTB's Market Risk Capital: (if applicable to your audience) Briefly discuss Basel 2.5 and the FRTB (Fundamental Review of the Trading Book) framework for calculating market risk capital requirements.
  • Market Risk Measurement Techniques: Introduce some basic techniques for measuring market risk.
  • Exploring Liquidity Risk Management: Understand liquidity risk and strategies for managing it.
  • Data Challenges in RDARR for Banks: Discuss the challenges associated with data aggregation and reporting under the Regulatory Data Reporting (RDARR) requirements.
  • Banking Risk Management Discussion: Facilitate a discussion to address any lingering questions or concerns about banking risk management.
  • RDARR Project Transformation: Explore how leveraging data can transform the RDARR reporting process for banks.
  • High-Level Data Architecture Discussion: Discuss the importance of a robust data architecture in effectively managing banking risks.
  • Analyzing Risk Pipelines in Banking: Understand the role of data analysis pipelines in identifying and managing banking risks.

About the instructor

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